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Nursery and kindergarten Nursery and kindergarten Nursery and kindergarten

Cracow, Ruczaj 43 Cracow, Ruczaj 43 Cracow, Ruczaj 43

About us About us About us

Our mission is – education through sport – in the spirit of the philosophy of Pierre de Coubertin – the founder of the International Olympic Committee, who used to consider sport not only as a means of toughening the body, but above all as a universal method of educating modern man in the spirit of peace.

In our kindergarten during the educational and sport activities the educators, instructors and coaches pass ethical and moral values and care for the psychophysical development of the children. Our main goal is to teach the children a habit of applying a principle of “fair-play” in everyday life and sports, hence the name of kindergarten. In the group of their peers, our children learn to cooperate, respect the others and acquire basic skills of life in society. Based on the “fair-play” principle, they form the principles of healthy competition and “pure game”, which has its impact on all areas of life. Thanks to participation in sporting life, the children learn to enjoy decision making.

At the same time sport plays an extremely important role in preparing our children for taking up future responsibilities related to school duties, shapes character and emotions, develops abilities to interact with their peers, promotes qualities such as: honesty, persistence, loyalty and justice. Our kindergarten aims to encourage children to a sporting lifestyle, regardless of their skills and physical predisposition – it is open to everyone. All the children will have the chance to develop their talents at their own pace and according to their abilities. We take sport as fun, not as competition. We hope that we will be able to pass to the children love for exercises that are so important for health in today’s computer age and sedentary lifestyle.

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Nursery and kindergarten
Ruczaj 43
30-409 Cracow

Price list Price list Price list

Price list of the kindergarten

Entrance fee (one-off) PLN 500
Monthly tuition is PLN 650

Price list of the nursery

Entrance fee (one-off) PLN 500
The monthly tuition payable in advance up to the 10th of each month) PLN 1,199

Payment details Payment details Payment details

PM & PM S.C.
PKO Bank Polski
67 1020 2906 0000 1402 0236 3356

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