Non-public nursery
and sport and language kindergarten
Non-public nursery
and sport and language kindergarten

Our philosophy Our philosophy Our philosophy

Our mission is – education through sport – in the spirit of the philosophy of Pierre de Coubertin – the founder of the International Olympic Committee, who used to consider sport not only as a means of toughening the body, but above all as a universal method of educating modern man in the spirit of peace.

In our kindergarten during the educational and sport activities the educators, instructors and coaches pass ethical and moral values and care for the psychophysical development of the children. Our main goal is to teach the children a habit of applying a principle of “fair-play” in everyday life and sports, hence the name of kindergarten. In the group of their peers, our children learn to cooperate, respect the others and acquire basic skills of life in society. Based on the “fair-play” principle, they form the principles of healthy competition and “pure game”, which has its impact on all areas of life. Thanks to participation in sporting life, the children learn to enjoy decision making.

At the same time sport plays an extremely important role in preparing our children for taking up future responsibilities related to school duties, shapes character and emotions, develops abilities to interact with their peers, promotes qualities such as: honesty, persistence, loyalty and justice. Our kindergarten aims to encourage children to a sporting lifestyle, regardless of their skills and physical predisposition – it is open to everyone. All the children will have the chance to develop their talents at their own pace and according to their abilities. We take sport as fun, not as competition. We hope that we will be able to pass to the children love for exercises that are so important for health in today’s computer age and sedentary lifestyle.

Our offer Our offer Our offer

Opening hours

The kindergarten and nursery are open from Monday to Friday, throughout the calendar year from 7.00 to 18.00, except for holidays and public holidays. On Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve and at so-called long weekends the kindergarten and nursery are open per hours, provided that min. 7 children participate (on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve until 13:00).

The kindergarten is open per hours on Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00 to 18:00, provided that a group of at least 5 children is gathered. The price of a child's stay at the weekend is 10 PLN per hour. Please contact us by phone in advance.

If the child is not picked up by 18:00, the payment for each started hour is 20 PLN.

Our teaching staff

Our teaching staff has been carefully selected. We are one of the very few non-public kindergartens that gives the teachers an opportunity to be promoted in accordance with the Teacher's Chart. Thanks to this our educators participate in numerous obligatory and additional trainings, they pass exams by the Education Superintendent and they take part in the process of continuing education in the field of pre-school education. Each of the kindergarten employee has dedicated education degree (pre-school and early-school education), and in the nursery – adequately pedagogical or nursing education.

Substantive program

The didactic and educational program includes the core program of pre-school education in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education. This program, enriched with valuable comments, ideas and concepts of our specialists will ensure excellent preparation of preschoolers for school education. The program carefully prepared by teachers and accepted by the Content Director will allow our children to enjoy learning from various fields.


We run kindergarten groups for children from 2 to 5 years old (division into groups depending on the age and number of children enrolled) and nursery groups for children from 8 months to 2.5 years old. Each kindergarten group is run by an educator and two support teachers. In nursery groups there are educators with pedagogical and nursing education (the youngest nursery group has 12 children - 3 educators / care providers). Kindergarten and nursery groups are also supported by service staff (assistance with meals, washing, using the toilet).

General education

It includes, among others, the principles of communication, broadening the vocabulary range - from mastering the knowledge of the alphabet to fluent reading and writing as well as text understanding, proper and open expression, learning how to use dictionaries.

Mathematical education

It focuses on learning digits and numbers, learning to count independently, solving basic mathematical tasks such as adding and subtracting, getting dimensional and geometrical orientation, and the ability to write numbers.

Language education - English

It is based on a method of learning a foreign language through songs and rhymes in this language, on a natural implementation of simple expressions, phrases, counting-out rhymes which are absorbed by children in a natural way. Classes are conducted by an English teacher, classes are held every day.

Environmental and physical education

It includes getting familiar with nature and physical phenomena, showing the diversity of nature and its basic phenomena. Our children will certainly not get bored while doing some simple experiments.

Ethical education

Classes focus on passing to the children moral principles and skills to recognize good and evil. The aim of the course is also to teach the children the principles of successful communication and collaboration with peers and respect for other people.

Sports education

Our kindergarten emphasizes in particular this form of education. Our goal is to instill love of physical activity and recreation to our young sport adepts. Sport education is a priority in a healthy upbringing of a young man. Sport classes take place in the adequate age groups and are carried out by experienced and qualified coaches, who have a reputation and success in working with children and youths. All classes (football, judo, tennis, dance) are held in the form of entertainment and run for approx. 30 minutes. Sports classes (except for trips to the swimming pool and to ski) are included in the tuition fee.

Additional activities

The kindergarten offers a wide range of additional activities included in the tuition fee: English, eurhythmics, art workshops, music workshops, nature group, ‘safely through life’ workshop, savoir-vivre, therapy through music, ceramics and others.

During the year the children participate in many additional attractions such as shows and performances in the kindergarten, riding ponies, lessons of gardening, educational trips, preparation of performances on the occasion of the Mother's day, Christmas, etc.

Meetings with specialists


He ensures a proper development of speech skills of our children. The kindergarten runs regular classes with a speech therapist for all the children (classes once a week in groups) and a free consultation for parents.


Working with a qualified pediatric psychologist we are able to ensure a correct emotional development of our children and quickly communicate possible problems. The psychologist conducts observations of children during classes and entertainment, for parents a free psychological consultation once a month is provided (dates released on the notice board).


We guarantee hygiene and cleanliness thanks to a nurse visiting regularly the nursery groups.

Activities paid additionally

Activities under additional charges include the trips to a swimming pool, theatre, concert hall, opera as well as other occasional trips, skiing and additional workshops: robotics, Little Explorers, dog therapy.


We offer 5 meals a day: breakfast from 8:30 to 9:00, second breakfast approx. 10:00 (fruit), lunch with two dishes from 12:00 to 12:30, first afternoon meal from 14:30 to 15:00, second afternoon meal from 17:00 to 17:30. Drinks are served all day long without limits (juice, tea, cocoa, mineral water).
Meals are delivered by Gastropol - an experienced caterer. We offer basic menu, vegetarian, vegan, milk-free, gluten-free and nickel-free diet. A qualified nutritionist ensures a correct nutrition values of the meals.
The current menu is being emailed to the parents weekly.